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Seasonal Services Pasadena, CA

The different seasons of the year makes a different demand on the environment. This makes your landscape require different seasonal services. Whatever the seasonal services your landscape requires, we are able to provide it. Our experienced and skilled landscapers are ever ready to maintain your landscape. We provide different quality landscape maintenance services to ensure your landscape looks great all year round and in every season.

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Spring Season Pasadena CA

As the winter gives way to spring, you should be looking to prepare your garden or lawn for the upcoming planting season. Your garden, trees and shrubs alike, halts during the winter and begins budding in spring due to the sun’s light. There are many activities to carry out at this time but spring’s biggest task is aerating your garden due to the moss that has had so much time to grow on your lawn.  The goal of all the maintenance tasks for spring is ensuring that your garden is able to blossom and bloom again. Some other important spring maintenance tasks include:

Fertilizing borders
Spring is one of three seasons in which borders are fertilized to ensure plants grow faster and stronger, and are less susceptible to diseases. This is a task for the specialists who will make use of special spring fertilizers to accomplish this task. The other two seasons in which the borders are fertilized to ensure they receive sufficient nutrients are summer and fall. When properly carried out, it helps for the flowering of plants that come later in the season.

Little is done in terms of pruning during spring but plants like roses, butterfly bushes perennials, ornamental grasses and shrubs should be pruned. In fall and in winter, you have to do pruning as well.

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Clean pavers
Cleaning of your pavers is another important spring maintenance task. Your ornamental paving has to be rid of the green slippery layer that it acquires during winter. For this job an algae cleaner or a high-pressure cleaner can be used, but a professional will do a greater job as damages can be done to the top layer of your newly placed ornamental pavers if that is what you have. But if you have the older decorative paving, a high pressure cleaner is a better choice.

This is the biggest task for spring and basically involves scarifying, removing of old grass, moss and felt layers so that the grass is, once again, exposed to oxygen, water and nutrients. When carrying out aeration, it is essential that the roots of the grass plants are cut. After scarifying, sowing can then begin or continue.

Fertilizing lawns
This service is similar to fertilizing of borders and is also carried out thrice every year. The process of lawn maintenance begins with scarification, after which sowing takes place. When both are done, fertilization can then be done. This is carried out in spring, summer and fall.

Cleaning up of Leaves and Thatch
There may be need to clean up the leaves that have formed a layer in your garden. This is a probability because it can be good and serve as protective layer ensuring better soil and biodiversity. Yet it can suffocate other plants from growing hence it has to be watched carefully and cleaned if it is having an adverse effect.

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Winter Season Pasadena, CA

Gardens have to be prepared in the fall, ahead of the winter season. This is an area where there are divided opinions. But there several reasons why gardens should be prepared for winter. One reason is that garden, lawn or landscape requirements are much higher than in a natural environment. For instance, you may have some frost sensitive plants in your garden as well as other plants. These plants are not suitable for gardens but they can be there. And if you have them there you want to ensure they are taken care of too. In nature these frost sensitive plants grow in a different substrate. In a garden, they have to share the same limited space with the other plants and they are vulnerable to disease attacks. That is something you do not want. For landscaping, you want your lawn to constantly look neat and green. So the work that has to be done in your garden is usually higher than in a natural environment of plant growth.

But you do not have to worry about the work, skill and expertise that go into it. A professional can get it done for you. You do not need to lift a finger.

This preparation done on your garden in fall ensures that your garden can survive winter. It would be a pity to see your beautiful garden die out due to the winter temperature. But this also has an effect in spring. The work done here also promotes growth in spring and ensures you have a garden that looks neat and maintained at all times and seasons of the year. And the best time to start this preparation is when the soil has not been frozen or hardened.

There are several activities that have to be carried out to ensure your garden is prepared for winter. It is not much work compared to spring maintenance but it is work nonetheless. These activities include:

  • Pruning of faded plants.
  • Having the edges cut in preparation for winter
  • Protecting of frost-sensitive plants against frost
  • Raking off of blades to ensure the grasses on the lawn get a good amount of sunlight to stay green
  • Mowing the grasses, ensuring a cutting height of 4cm.
  • Removing of dead plants from ponds so they do not rot.
  • Planting of spring bulbs for them to bloom in the spring.
  • And many more

No matter the season or the form of seasonal service required for that time during the year, our experienced gardeners are up to the task and available.

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