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Make your garden flourishing with our planting plans that is suited for your garden.

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A garden is considered incomplete without plants. The green plants and colorful blossoming flowers have a calming affect on the atmosphere of the garden. There are thousands of types of flowers you can choose from which can be planted into your garden. Scented flowers are what everyone desires in their garden. How about planting the Primrose or Agaves? Apart from flowers. The type of grass you choose for your garden can have a major effect on the appearance and feel of your garden.  Choosing the right ornamental grass defines the structure and direction of your garden. You might even want to grow vegetables or fruits in your garden or even edible flowers like Calendula or a Borage. We can help you with all kinds of planting services. The right kind of plants and flowers always attract birds and butterflies adding beauty to your garden and also providing shelter and food for these majestic creatures.

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A view of a pink flower hanging in a garden.

Planting is not only a form of art but also a profession itself and should be left for the professional garden designers. Every plant is different has a different growth rate. Therefore, in order to correctly plant the plantings according to their size and growth rate, you will definitely need professional help. Imagine you plant a flower that has a tendency to growth faster alongside another plant that simply does not grow at that rate. What would be the result? Your garden would look messy and unarranged which, obviously, we don’t want. While planting, one more thing that need to be kept in mind is their expansion. You need to plant them in areas where they can easily expand and grow without ruining the shape and structure of your garden. You might also want to consider low-maintenance perennial plantings for your garden as it could save you a lot of effort and money in the long run. 

Let Your Garden Get Taken Care of by Our Green Hands

We understand that you simply cannot have all the information required to create the perfect garden. This is where we come in. With our experience we can tell you exactly which plants to use for planting. Our gardeners can also assist you in choosing the grass for your lawn and the fertilizer which will suit it the best. And of course, you can count on us for its maintenance. May it be lawn mowing or plantings you can call us and discuss with our experts. We can provide you with a free quote which you can get by filling out the form provided. Once you have submitted the form one of the members of our team will contact you. We are here to help! For your ease in choosing the right plantings, we have provided a list which you can see and choose from:

Planting Groups

  • Trees
  • Shrubs / bushes
  • Flower shrubs
  • Ground covering plants
  • Roses
  • Herbaceous plants such as perennials; one-year and two-year plants
  • Bulbs and tubers
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Evergreen planting
  • Hedges and hedges
  • Climbing plants
  • Tub plants
  • Naturally occurring planting
  • Shoreline and water plants
A close-up of the red-orange redbuckia flowers.
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