A durable pavement that will last for years requires precise work. Ask our professionals for advice.

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Ornamental paving is an important part of any garden which is not only used for terrace but also for garden paths and driveways. You can choose from many colors and textures of materials available for it. Each paver material has its own specific qualities and our gardeners can help you in choosing the right one for your garden. Various designs are also available for decorative paving and are called pavement bonds. A pavement bond makes sure that the stones have a good connection and that they stay in place. However, this is an expensive option. Some material types that you can use for a paver have been mentioned below.

Overview of Material Types

  • Natural stone: including sandstone tiles, granite tiles and bricks
  • Concrete: including concrete tiles and paving stones,
  • Baked: including bricks and tiles
  • Ceramic: including ceramic tiles and tiles.
  • Semi-hardening: gravel
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Overview of Several Pavement Bonds

  • Stretcher bond
  • Header bond
  • Stack bond
  • Basketweave bond
  • Wild bond
  • Diagonal bond
  • Herringbone bond

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Paver Bonds For Garden Path

As mentioned previously, different types of paver bonds are used for different purposes. We recommend that you use a header bond and herringbone bond for garden path. These bonds have the firmness that a garden path requires to stay in shape and gives your garden a look that is appealing to the eyes. To reassure the strength of this paver bond it is usually complemented with a concrete closing bond.

Paver Bonds For Terrace

When thinking of paving a terrace we recommend that you consider stack and header bonds. They are easy to make as not many stones are needed to be cut and they are very cost efficient.

Paver Bonds For a Driveway

A herringbone bond is best suited for a driveway. The bond is strong enough to support the heavy for cars and it ensures that the stones do not move.


Now that you are familiar with the choices available, you must keep one thing in mind that the substrate is always the most important element in constructing an ornamental paving. A substrate is basically a layer of material that is used on a surface that ensures that a decorative paving will not shift. There are various techniques and methodologies to create a good substrate for pavers. For example, a sand substrate can be compacted in layers giving it extra strength. 

It may be used on a rubble layer or a special substrate can be applied more intensively for more reliability. We strictly caution our clients to not use a ground cloth with a gravel path or mix cement with a layer of sand. This reduces the reliability of the pavers and the stones may even start to shift with time thus ruining the entire garden design. Which ever paving you want our gardeners can advise you and provide with the best possible solutions.


Without the finishing touch any project would be considered incomplete. A professionally constructed and finished pavers can ensure that no weed can grow within the paving joints and ants cannot nest in the sand. Correct edge finishing is also important and you may not want the retaining straps in sight. For a decorative paving to last for long, a retaining bond with a correct installation depth is vital. Therefore, while thinking of pavers we recommend professional advice of our gardeners for quality, reliability and cost efficiency. For example, a terrace does not have to have a heavy restraint bond like a driveway and you can choose to place a retaining bond on a rubble layer giving it more strength and reliability. The quality of the paving can be tested by vibrating the pavement with a suitable vibration tool and necessary alterations can be made if necessary.  Also, the edges of a decorative paving can be modified to make the appearance of your garden more refined.

Ornamental paving is a complicated task. We highly recommend that you hire professional gardeners for it. The entire procedure requires craftsmanship and can not be executed by an inexperienced individual.  Our landscapers can do this job for you. Please feel free to contact us for further information and advice on paving and other landscaping services.

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