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Let our green hands take care of your garden for a neat landscape.

Landscape Maintenance Pasadena, CA

Do you find maintaining your garden difficult? Does your garden look like what you imagined it would be like when you first started out? When most people start out, they do not think about landscaping maintenace. What they first have in mind is a garden with beautiful flowers like pansies and colorful hortensia, and other plants well pruned and arranged in such a wonderful way you can feel and enjoy nature. They imagine they will have a lawn with deep green and enjoyable colors but often, they find that things are different. Why? Gardens and landscapes do not take care of themselves. They need constant landscape maintenance and that is something many people do not have the time, skill or knowledge for. Like many others, you may be too busy for this kind of work. But if your garden or lawn must look as good as you envision it to be, landscaping maintenance has to be carried out.

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Or maybe you just don’t have the passion to do any gardening work but want to have a well maintained garden. Whatever the case is, you can still get the garden you’ve always dreamed of.

Gardening is our passion and profession. Landscape maintenance is a part of what our landscape company does. As a local landscaping company with many years of excellently done jobs, we have gardeners working on different gardens per time. We have the expertise and experience to maintain your landscape well and ensure your garden is always maintained and treated right.

Irrespective of the type of garden you have, its size and what is required to handle it, we can maintain it. We have the expertise and equipment needed. We have different landscape maintenance plans and can even make a custom plan for you. You can also request a landscaping maintenance contract for us to maintain and clean up your garden several times during the year.

Call us so we can discuss your type of garden, your preference, and create a landscaping maintenance plan that suits your garden. You can also book an appointment or request gardening advice.

So How Often Will We Work on Your Garden?

The frequency of landscaping maintenance differs from one garden to another and also depends on you. If you just want a onetime refurbishing of your garden, give us a call and we’ll be there to get it done. But if you prefer it to be maintained throughout the year, then you can request a landscaping maintenance contract that will see us coming in for periodic maintenance. This way, irrespective of the season or time of the year, your garden will always look great.

We have different landscaping maintenance plans you can subscribe to. Our plans include a year-round maintenance plan, a garden holiday plan, a 4 seasons plan, a half-yearly plan and an on call plan.

Let Your Garden Get Taken Care of by Our Green Hands

What Plan is Best For You?

This really depends on you but we advice regularly maintaining your garden. Not just because of the good looks it will have but also because it costs more to maintain gardens that have been left unattended to for a long time. The farther in between maintenance, the more your garden doesn’t look good and the more it costs to maintain. This cost is higher compared to periodic landscape maintenance. Also, regular maintenance extends the life span of a garden. Flowers, plants and trees grow optimally when pruned regularly.

Get more information on garden maintenance by calling us today. You can also book an appointment or get a free quote when you call.

Work With Us on Your Garden

If you would also love to work alongside us on your garden so you can learn how it’s done or just out of sheer passion for gardening, that’s okay by us. Our gardeners would love to show you how it all works and share their knowledge with you for as long as possible.

Experienced Specialists

Our gardeners are seasoned and experienced professionals who know the needs of every plant, shrub and tree and treat them rightly. They’ll put their skill and years of experience into ensuring your garden gets the best treatment and looks great. You can be certain and confident your garden is being handled by the best and also go about your daily activities with peace of mind. You will love the work we do on and in your garden.

Overview of Our Landscape Maintenance Services

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