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A great garden requires a landscape design. Our landscaping designers look forward to design your dream garden.

Landscape Design Pasadena, CA

Your own dream garden can be made in a lot of different ways. Perhaps, a romantic garden with different colors with a certain amount of privacy with it, might be your favorite landscape. It could also be a garden, that is more suitable to grow your own fruit and vegetables to provide for your own family. How about a nice family garden where people can sit down and relax, have a family barbecue, all enjoying each other’s company. A garden pond could be a great feature to your garden design for the ambiance. The sound of running water gives great comfort on many levels. If you prefer a landscape that requires less maintenance, then a maintenance free landscape might be a great option for you as well. You can see that there are many choices and combinations possible. It does not matter which option you pick, we make sure that we deliver the landscape design for you that you always wanted!

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landscape design with plants and flowers in different colors and sizes.

Landscaping Design Possibilities

A lot of factors need to be considered before designing a landscape, because every garden is different. A lot of aspects are influential to the design. Examples are the direction of sunlight, type of soil, maintenance, neighbors, municipal regulation, children, available surface area, height differences, and your budget etc.

If your design project is for an existing garden, we will always of course take into account the current situation with what needs to be kept or preserved. A lot of landscape elements can be brought with into the new design. These could be different hardscape elements like a current patiopaversgarden ponds, or landscape lighting and more. But also elements like plants, hedges and flowers.

Let Your Garden Get Taken Care of by Our Green Hands

Designing a garden requires a lot of knowledge and meticulousness if you want to make a landscape design that is sustainable. Making such a garden design needs to be done by skilled landscapers. Our landscape designers are happy to hear from you which aspects of a garden are important to you and what kind of preferences you have. We value our customers, so personal attention is important to us. Before starting a landscaping design, we always start with a talk about the possibilities, your wishes, demands, and your budget. From there on it will give us a clear direction to where we can go within the garden design. Our knowledgeable landscape designers are looking forward to surprising you with many ideas that you may have never thought of yet.

From there on, after the talk, the designer will start making the landscape design for your garden. A concept will be made and after that, a detailed design will follow. The designs will make clear how your garden design will be arranged. You can see which sight lines occur, the height difference, how the different materials and plants come together. With our design process, we hope to fill your demand and your wishes, so that you are able to enjoy the final result! We love the landscape craft dearly and are therefore always happy to be of service. If you would like to have your garden design done by us, give us a call by clicking our number at the top. If you would like a free quote, you can also fill in your information in the contact form of this page. Let’s have a talk soon!

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