Give your landscape more character with hardscaping done by us.

Hardscapes Pasadena, CA

Now that you are familiar with some of the landscaping services that we provide that can complement your garden let us also introduce you to our hardscaping services. So, if you are wondering what hardscapes are and how it can be useful for your garden worry not. We will explain it all to you.

What Is Hardscaping
Hardscaping basically comprises of non-living landscaping elements. Stones walls, stones borders, brick patio’s, concrete tiles, wooden decks and even metal lanterns, all come under the domain of hardscaping. It is useful in giving your natural garden an organized and an aesthetically styled and defined appearance. They can even be used to accentuate certain parts of your garden, such as the use of a certain space, like your driveway. A simple example would be the use of a gravel path which leads to the garden where your family can sit and enjoy the beautiful view of your garden. There are different types and sizes of hardscapes which our experts can install in your garden according to your requirements. Some of them have been listed below:

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A modern frontyard design with hardscapes.
A close view of hardscaping design for a landscaping design.
  • Tile patios – amazing way to dress up your garden’s appearance
  • Concrete patios – great budget option while being low-maintenance as well.
  • Stone walls – creating natural borders around your garden.
  • Gravel paths -a stylish way of creating paths in and around your garden.
  • Coated metal fences – adding them will give your garden a modern look and will also be low in maintenance.
  • Wooden fences – adding these fences would give you’re a natural look which will blend in perfectly with the rest of your garden.
  • Stone or ceramic fountains – a lovely addition to your garden which could also act as a center piece.
  • Stairs – adding stairs a multi-level garden can be a great feature.

Let Your Garden Get Taken Care of by Our Green Hands

Benefits of Hardscaping

As explained previously, hard landscaping can help you redesign your garden completely and give a clean and stylish look that’s soothing for your eyes and peaceful for your mid. Some of the possible benefits of hardscaping are listed below.

  • It can be essential for erosion control
  • It can be used to broaden your living space
  • Creation of private areas
  • Hardscapes are often low-maintenance when installed correctly

If you are worried about heavy rainfall or snowfall that would leave water stagnant in your garden, worry not. As hardscaping goes hand in with the absorption of water if done correctly. Hardscapes have many advantages. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that hard landscaping will only benefit your garden if done correctly by professionals otherwise you will end up facing problems likes erosion and flooding of your plants and other greenery. This is where we come in. Our landscapers in Pasadena are an experienced team of professionals equipped with adequate knowledge and skills who are perfectly capable of installing hardscapes correctly.

Is Hardscaping Suited for My Garden?

Well, this answer to this question solely depends on the layout of your garden and surroundings. Our experts are here to advise you and provide you with the best possible solutions for your garden, inline with your demands and requirements. If you are eager to know more about hardscaping feel free to give a call.

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