Garden Terrace

Make your garden an enjoyable place to sit down and relax. Let yourself get surprised by our design ideas.

Garden Terrace Pasadena, CA

Complementing your garden with a terrace is a splendid idea if you want a comfortable sitting environment in your garden where you can enjoy the fresh air. Our team of gardeners provide complete installation services for your dream terrace. Whether you want a large or a small garden terrace our team of experts is perfectly capable of creating a garden terrace design that you desire. In the 21st century the possibilities of creating the perfect garden are endless. You can have a garden terrace overlooking your pond or a landscape. If you want to sit in your terrace in the winter, we can make that happen. Installing a patio heater or a wood burning stove can tackle the cold winds in the winter thus making the environment cozy and comfortable for you and your loved ones.

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Roof Terrace

Roof terraces are a new trend. If you live in an apartment or house which has a flat roof, we can build a roof terrace on it for you. You can either go for a stone or wooden terrace. In order to keep the maintenance costs to the minimum we highly recommend that you go for a wooden terrace. Installing is a roof terrace is a tough job and is best done when left for the experts to do. While constructing a roof terrace many factors are taken under consideration such as roof leakage, growth of unwanted plants and weed etc. Roof leakage issues can be resolved by using rubber protective mats on the terrace. Installing gravel surface is a good idea if you want to walk easily on your terrace and this can also get rid of unwanted weed growth. A wood composite with the addition of rubber protective mats are the perfect combination for a roof terrace.

Let Your Garden Get Taken Care of by Our Green Hands

So, if you are interested in a roof terrace feel free to contact us. Our team of gardeners will provide you with the best possible layout that covers all the dimensions of the perfect garden that fulfills all your requirements. We care about our customers and always make extra effort to satisfy them. Our experience and skills are second to none and we take pride in all the projects that we have completed. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in having your garden remade. At BIL Landscaping Pasadena we are always here to advise and help so that you can get the garden of your dreams. Remember you will need professionals to make your dream garden, so choose wisely, choose the best, choose us!

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