Garden Ponds

Having a pond in your garden can bring your garden to life. Let us inform you how to make suitable garden ponds.

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While thinking about redesigning your garden, think about making a pond. A garden pond gives your garden a lot of charisma and ensures that your garden becomes really lively. A well-designed, well-constructed garden pond surrounded by dewy grass and soft light will immediately make you feel energized yet tranquil. The trickling water features, rustling bamboos, colorful flowers will stir calming, soothing and up lifting emotions in your life. There are different types of garden ponds that we can construct for you. Such as a natural pond, created with marine life (your choice of fish) and plants that create a biological system making sure that your water remains clear and pure. You can even have us construct a little swimming pond for your children which won’t be deep so that your children and you can enjoy peacefully. And the cherry on top would be installing underwater lights to keep your garden pond illuminated at night to make the entire garden look beautiful.

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A garden pond design with koi fish.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you are considering constructing a garden pond, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, placing water features like a garden pond close to your house is highly recommended so that you can have a good view of it even from the comfort of your lounge or drawing room. Placing it far away from the house would be of no use. If you are considering a natural pond make sure you get it constructed where it can get sunlight. Plants need sunlight to survive otherwise your natural pond won’t last long! Moreover, choosing the correct shape and size of the natural pond is vital, as it needs to sustain life and lastly make sure that the pond is sealed properly to maintain certain level of water in it.

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Maintaining a Pond

Contrary to the popular belief, water features do not require a lot of maintenance if designed and constructed properly. Using a pond filter to keep the water clean is wise in case of artificial ponds as natural ponds do not need filters. If you are interested in finding out more about our services regarding garden ponds, feel free to contact us. Our gardeners at BIL Landscaping Pasadena will assist you get the water features for your garden that you always wanted.

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