Garden Earthworks

Before any landscaping is done, it may be necessary to do garden earthworks first. Ask our landscapers how.

Garden Earthworks Pasadena, CA

Leveling a Garden
When you have a garden that you are looking to get landscape services done for, you might need to level the garden first. If the garden is not flat enough, or has changed in height difference over time, we need to flatten the landscape first in order to make get it ready for landscaping. But it’s also possible you might have an existing pond that you want it to be removed to make more space for a different landscape element like a deck terrace for example. The pond will be then closed off with sand, so that area will be flattened. From there on, you can build anything on top of it. You can make it a children’s playground for example. A flat garden is essential for landscaping, if not then you need to be leveling the garden.

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However, it is easier said than done. Leveling a garden can be a big task if you have no experience. You can be trenching a garden, digging a garden, or leveling a garden can all be done by hand or machine. If the space allows for it, machine work is the preferred method. An excavator can be used for example. The advantage of when you hire a professional landscaper is that you will safe time and will be ensured that the job is done right. All garden waste and soil will be disposed quickly as well. We have skillful people that have the experience, knowledge, and the equipment to perform these tasks. In this way you can be sure that future problems will be prevented, that can occur if done wrong. So you do not have to worry about anything, if you let professionals take of it.

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Garden Excavating
When you are looking to get new landscaping done for your garden, the old soil or sand might not be in the correct place anymore. It is then useful to let your garden get excavated and removed. If your garden allows for enough space, a small crane or excavator machine can do this job. If there is not space available, the old-fashioned way of hand and shovel is possible as well.

Add Height of Garden
Each landscape will sag over time. It is a natural process that is inevitable. Usually you will not even notice it. But when you finally do see it, it is too late by then. The factors that are important are the soil type but also the groundwater. There are also parts in some States where gardens are on a peat. In this situation your garden can sag relatively faster than others. Whenever you are going to make a new landscaping design, it is very important to consider if you need to add height to your garden. Adding height is important to make your garden last longer. But the costs can quickly add up. Our landscaping team in Pasadena can give you advice on how to reduce the costs.

It is common to use garden soil to make the garden rise up. This can be done for example for a lawn, turf, flowers and plants. A cheaper alternative is sand as it costs a lot less. Other alternatives that are a lot cheaper are for example, compost, wood chips, soil, polystyrene, tempex, and garden soil of course. Each material is also used for different parts of a garden. Garden soil is great for flowers and plants. Other materials like sand or soil can be used to place a fence, terrace, or garden tiles.

If you are looking to get your garden earthworks done, then do not look further. It is often recommended letting a professional do the digging, leveling, or adding height to a garden. Making a basic mistake can cost a lot more in the long run if you do it yourself. There’s a lot that have to be considered when you are working your garden ground. If you need more advice, just reach out to us. We are happy to help you.

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