Drainage will prevent your garden against flooding and subsidence.

Drainage Pasadena CA

If you are looking to get a beautiful garden with plants and flowers that will remain accessible in every season, then you need to think of a couple of things. In the country there will be a considerable amount of rainwater on your property. For instance, in some cases the top layer of a lawn can stay wet for a long time when it has rained. A correct landscaping service can take care of this. One of the important to things to look for is that your garden has the right drainage if needed. When a considerate amount of rain has occurred, it is useful that the water can be easily drained in your landscape. You can let drains be placed in your garden so the water is able to be drained to larger watercourses, this will help prevent flooding. The soil of your garden will also thank you as it will remain in good condition.

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A setup for a drainage installation for a landscape design.

Drainage is often underestimated or misunderstood. Different problems can occur if your garden has no proper drainage installed. It is often too late when we the problem is literally visible on the surface. An example can be that your garden constantly experiences flooding. When a garden is too wet the whole, it is not a nice place to stay on it, your children might not want to play on it anymore. Your garden pavers and deck terraces can sag because they are losing their structural strength in the ground. Another consequence is that your green lawn can start to show brown spots in your garden. Your wood and concrete can start to get green residue. If you have wood structures like pergolas or wooden fences in your landscape they can start to rot faster caused by the higher moisture level in your garden. The type of soil structure in your garden will have a lot of influence as well on flooding. Each garden is different because we have different types of land in the States. They all have their own distinct structure.

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Install a Drainage

How do you install a drainage system? If you are looking to have this installed, make sure it is done precisely. A method that is often suitable is placing horizontal drainage through perforated pipes. These pipes will be placed 60 cm underneath the surface. They will be provided with a gravel layer underneath and on top of the tubes as well. Make sure a decline of 1 cm per meter is also applied. The horizontal drainage is often used but a vertical drainage system can also be applied. The drainage pipes are then placed upright in the ground. Do you need to get drainage installed? It is recommended to have it done by professionals as it is a precise and time-consuming process if you have no experience. Our landscapers in Pasadena know what to do. We have the right materials and tools to complete your drainage. Also, with our years of experience, you can have the confidence that the installation will be done in the right way. Call us to fix your wet garden.

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