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A versatile material like wood gives your garden a lot of character. Our landscapers know their carpentry.

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Picking the right type of wood is very important, because woodwork is always exposed to different weather situations like wind, rain, or even frost in some areas. These affect your wood for carpentry substantially. Therefore hardwood is often the choice because of its durability. Hardwood has features that makes it better protected against conditions like weather and wind. But the downside is that it costs more than soft wood, so hardwood is the more expensive wood. However it is also possible to make the soft wood impregnated. This will make the carpentry harder to be penetrated by any water, dirt, mold, or insects. So the soft wood can become more durable. Another thing to keep in mind is that wood can be stained, this makes the wood of the carpentry retain it’s color. Since wood can age over time it can lose it’s color. Wax is another possibility to keep the wood maintained. Nowadays a lot of different wood types are available that you can choose. Do you want to know more about it or what type of would suit your garden? Ask our experienced landscapers for their advice which type of wood is suitable for your situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Landscaping Pasadena! We are here for you.

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A landscaper placing wooden deck by hand for a deck terrace design.

The nice thing about wood is that it naturally gives your garden a warm and natural look. But it can also give your garden a tough or robust ambiance. Wood is therefore a very versatile material that adds a lot to the experience of your garden. There can be different types of woodwork that can be placed when making a landscaping design. Over the years we have built many of these, so we know how to make them that will last a long time as well. The woodwork that can be build are for example a canopy, garden house, wooden platform, pergola, patio, fences, a shed, gate, jetty, or a wooden bridge.

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Overview of Various Types Of Woodwork Builds Possible

A view of a modern white wooden pergola with cloth finishing.

This is a wooden structural element in a landscape that will often stand out. It is a typical wooden structure in garden carpentry made of beams and slats that often is custom-made. There are may design considerations for a pergola. It depends on your garden, what your preferences are, and the purpose of your pergola. You can make it for example an area that is shaded from the sun. And you can decide if you want to let climbing plants grow over it. What about a modern look where you put a stylish sail stretched over the pergola? The pergola can serve as a spot in your garden that divides the different areas in your garden. It can be used as a transition area in your landscape. Needless to say, there are many different options to think about when making a pergola. Landscaping Pasadena is happy to advise you more about it.

Fences and Fencing
Fences are usually made for setting up boundaries for your property. Making your property boundaries can be done is different ways. Not only wooden or steel fences, but also hedges, or plants. For fences there are two kinds, these are screens or loose fencing boards. To mount the fencing boards, poles will be applied. If you want to place fences around your property or landscape, you have to consider a couple of things. Depending on your state or municipal, a fence can not be higher than 7 foot. The front yard also may not exceed 3 feet. It can also be possible to ask your municipality for exceptions in some situations. It is also wise to consider your neighbors when you decide to place fences. Talk to them about what you would like to do and let them know what you would like. Last thing is that is important to have in mind where exactly the boundary of your property is. This is important because it will be more clear who is responsible for the costs.

A wooden fence placed that is decorated with climbing plants.
A modern patio with outdoor furniture.

Decks are constructions that are often a wooden platform, which is used for different purposes. You can use it as a seating area on your garden. These are also called deck terraces. A wooden platform can also be placed on the water, these will function at the same time as a jetty. The carpentry design of a deck can be done in different ways to create your pleasant and attractive area to sit down and relax. Wooden decks are made from wooden beams. The decking boards are placed on top of these wooden beams. These boards can be made with a smooth profile or a rib profile. For decking, a ridge profile is usually the recommendation that is in a shaded area. It is recommended to also use hardwood for making wooden decks on the water, since hardwood is the least vulnerable to wood rot.

Overhang and Roof
Making a roof or overhang can be very useful. It ensures that the area underneath it remains dry. You can make a firewood place underneath, or place furniture, or store your bicycles, or your lawn mower to keep them all dry. Overhang or a roof in garden carpentry can be very beneficial feature for your landscape or property. When it is raining, you can always look for a place to hide underneath your canopy. The same is when it is too hot outside, you can then look for shading underneath. If you want the space underneath this woodwork during the day to be more lit, you can choose a design consideration by placing your overhang or roof with lightweight plates on top that are partially shine-through. This will make sure that sufficient light can pass underneath the roof. Another thing that is important is to arrange a water outlet for the roof or overhang.

An overhang with glass roof for passing light through.
A garden house used for storage.

Garden House
The garden is a typical carpentry construction that can also be made in different sizes and forms. Before deciding to get a garden house, you need to know what you want to use it for. Do you want to only store bikes in a garden house? Or do you need also an area where you can make use of tools as a workplace? Knowing what you need to use your garden house for will determine how much square foot you need. It’s important that your garden house will be used for many years, making a timeless woodwork design is something we are known for.

Garden Shed
This is a practical woodwork construction in your garden that often is used as a storage place. A garden shed or log cabin can become an eye-catcher in your landscape. A different type of garden shed is an arbor. It is a garden house that is open and can be also used as a place for people to sit down.

A small garden shed that is an eye-catcher in the garden.

If you have a garden that is next to the water, your garden will eventually crumble into the water. To prevent this, a useful timber construction is used. This is when you need woodwork like a revetment as it provides stability for your garden. Sheeting, bulkheads, and sheeting boards are used to make sure that your garden will be contained. A revetment also gives your garden the option to place a deck terrace. Hardwood is often the choice for the type of wood to prevent wood rot.

This feature makes sure that your garden can be closed off from the public. A suitable design of a gate can add more character to your garden. But you can opt for a closed or open gate. A wooden or even steel gate with all kinds are possible for a gate.

A front view of a white gate closing of the property.
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