California Friendly Landscaping

Less water usage does not equal a less beautiful landscape. Our landscapers know how to take care of your Californian garden.

California Friendly Landscaping Pasadena CA

Do you want your garden to receive a makeover? A California friendly landscaping does not mean the garden only has rocks and cactus with artificial turf anymore. The landscapes and climates can differ very differently in Southern California. Because of this, it has room for a remarkably great selection of low water from over the world, which are suited for a drought-tolerant landscaping design. The rising costs of water in our state and also the new fines taking place for water waste, has given us a goal at Landscaping Pasadena to convert the water waste turf areas to a more water friendly area. That means you do not have to sacrifice your beautiful ambiance of your garden anymore to save water.

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Because Landscaping Pasadena is located in Pasadena, we know the different methods and tips that can be applied to get your own California friendly landscaping done. We are happy to explain to our Californian customers what to take into account when getting a drought-tolerant landscaping design that is at the same time a beautiful landscape design. But also how and which irrigation method and equipment are helpful to water and maintaining the garden in the easiest and most effective way.

Also, something that you should also consider is xeriscaping. This is a certain method of drought-tolerant landscaping that also makes sure that the water usage become a lot less or even eliminates the need for water from irrigation.

Let Your Garden Get Taken Care of by Our Green Hands

Advantages of Xeriscaping Are:

  • Reducing overall garden maintenance
  • Reduces water usage of 60% or more.
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Reducing both fertilizer use, waste, and pollution.
  • Xeriscape plants in combination with a fully utilized design including mulching and soil grading will result in better water absorption.

Below we would like to share with you a couple of other valuable tips for a California Friendly Landscaping method. These are beneficial for your garden when it is done in the correct way:

Landscaping Tips:

When you are finished with lawn mowing, leave the little grass clippings on the lawn. This enables your soil to get fed with nutrients and organic matter that come from the little grass clippings. Your freshly mowed lawn will thank you for it.

Wildlife Tips:
The combination of mulch and natural stone makes sure that your wildlife in your landscape will be kept safe and protected.

Water Saving Tips:
In the areas of your garden where you do not want weeds to grow, make sure you do not install irrigation systems there. By doing this, it will save you a lot of time. We all know how frustrating weeding can be.

  • You can avoid over watering paths and driveways by using automated irrigation system or by adjusting the sprinklers.
  • You can install a Rainstat that will make sure the irrigation system gets turned off when it starts to rain. This will save you water.
  • Make sure you use compost 6” in the soil so it will retain water that in turn will feed your plants.
  • Know that grass, of all the plantings on your garden, uses the most water.

Plants & Fauna Tips:
Here at Landscaping Pasadena, we can advise you on the best trees, plants, and flowers that are suited to our climate in California. So you can get your own drought-tolerant landscaping design for yourself.

That means we even include advice on how you can attract certain insect life to your garden, or even small wildlife like the hummingbird. There are also certain types of soil you need to be aware of that could cause some problems with different vegetation. But luckily our expert landscapers in Pasadena, we can help you find the ones that are best suited for your garden.

Maybe you are searching for one or a few low water trees like the Allepo Pine, the Big Bend Yucca or the lovely Blue Hesper Palm? You could even consider the Baines Tree Aloe or the Queen Palm. Perhaps you want some more color in your garden? A Rosea Eucalyptus or the Pink Melaleuca would be something that is suited to your taste. Maybe you prefer something smaller like a nice shrub? Which choice you make depends on your preference of color, maybe the Autumn Joy Sedum or the Baja Fairy Duster? You could also choose to kick it down a little and go with the Pacifc Wax Myrtle or the Pencilbush? How about some native plants from California? Like the Aromas Sage, the Apache Plume or the beautiful Baby Blue Eyes.

You can tell there are a lot of different types and variations of trees, shrubs, vines, and grasses to choose from. You can always get in touch with us. We are always happy to advise you about California Friendly landscaping so you can get your garden you have always wanted.

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