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Do you need aeration for your lawn or garden? If you have been noticing a lot of weed or moss in your garden, you do!

Dead plants and clippings from grass and plants accumulate over time, giving rise to the formation of moss. The more this happens, the denser the bottom becomes creating a type of felt layer. If this layer is thin, it can be a good thing as it will act as a protective layer from the heat and prevent loss of water.

But once it becomes too thick, it is harmful to your lawn or garden because it can prevent air, nutrients and rainwater from reaching the roots of the plants (or grass) in it.

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At this point you have to begin scarifying your garden or lawn to keep it nice and clean. You would have to remove the moss and weeds by aeration. If this is not done, it can leave unpleasant spots in your garden, not to mention that it may hinder the growth of some plants by suffocating them.

We can help you with this process of aeration so you can have a nice and clean lawn. Call us today to request a quote or book an appointment to aerate your landscape.

How It Works

To aerate your garden or lawn you have to remove the moss, felt layer and old grass. To encourage the growth of young shoots of a grass plant, it is essential that you cut the roots of the grass. This opens the lawn to receive sufficient water, oxygen and nutrients which can then reach the roots of the grass. To achieve this, the lawn has to be scarified and scarifying is done with an aerator tool or machine. This machine has very sharp blades. The purpose of these blades is the removal and disposal of the dead grass, moss and felt.

It is advised that you aerate your lawn a minimum of twice a year or maybe even three times. You can scarify and aerate your lawn in the spring of April to the beginning of May and in August and September. If you need the professionals to help you with this process call us immediately and request a quote or book an appointment.

We use two major types of techniques in aerating your lawn, and they are Lawn Core Aeration and Lawn Liquid Aeration.

Lawn Core Aeration

This technique basically involves pulling small plugs of soil to the surface of your lawn allowing for holes to be created in the soil. This gives way for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your plants. This is necessary for the roots of your plant to grow thicker and stronger. After the process of core aeration is finished, grass seeds are then spread over your lawn to allow your grass build more overall density.

This process is best done during fall as the combination of the warm soils from summer, the night dews and the cool temperature gives a major boost to germination. Aerating at this time gives your lawn ample time to grow strong in preparation for winter and even spring.

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Lawn Liquid Aeration

This is a budget friendly alternative to core aeration and makes use of a special liquid formula known as the N-Ext Air8. This liquid is directed into the soil by a pressurized machine. The result is that tiny pores are created in the soil allowing for the entrance of oxygen and nutrients into the soil. This is a preferred technique for those who have cables buried just beneath their soils.

Call us to find out which of these services is best for you.

Sow and Fertilize

After successfully scarifying the lawn or garden, seeding and fertilizing with organic fertilizers can begin. This gives way to the growth of a healthy and dense turf which ensures good soil life. The result of this is that your lawn’s tolerance for drought will appreciate. It will become less susceptible to diseases and can then grow calmly with a deep green color and with enhanced rooting of the grass.

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