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Landscaping Pasadena, CA

Brothers In Lawn Landscaping Pasadena CA are people that have years of expertise in landscaping services, landscape designs and garden maintenance and care. We are professionals are passionate about garden, garden design and garden maintenance, which can clearly be seen gazing to their work as top quality is what they stand for.  We can assure our customers we only work exclusively with quality product and high-end equipment whilst maintaining one of the best customer satisfaction ratings in the area. Attention to detail, customer demands, and satisfaction are values we do not take lightly. We are here to make sure your wishes will become reality, making sure you will be able to enjoy your property to the fullest. Let us know what we can do for you and give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

Every plant, shrub and tree will be receiving the proper treatment it deserves as you’d expect from us. Our landscape specialists in Pasadena, will know exactly how to properly take care of your beloved garden. With the input from our customers and our expertise we are able to create your dream garden. We know how time-consuming gardening can be, especially if you’re not able to do this on a day-to-day basis. Let us take this of your hands, so you can focus on other important daily activities. We even offer monthly or seasonal maintenance services against one the best prices in the area. Take proper care of your garden, and she will take care of you. Feel free to contact us anytime, we are here for you.

A Wide Range Of Services

When BIL Landscaping Pasadena started, we wanted to create a company which was able to maintain both softscape and hardscape, providing a complete package to our customers. This resulted in services such as Terracing, Patio Designing, Irrigation Layouts, Paving, Full Lawn Care Services, Garden Lighting Servicing, Fencing, the list goes on and on. All the above services and maintenances can be applied on a monthly, seasonally or yearly basis as well.  We are well aware that in order to keep your garden maintained in her best shape possible, maintenance on a timely basis is of the utmost importance. Share your information with us and let us see what we can do for you.

Our Service Area

BIL Landscaping Pasadena is offering their services to areas outside of Pasadena as well. We have already welcomed customers from the surrounding areas such as Alhambra, Arcadia, Temple City, Rosemead, Monrovia, Altadena, La Crescenta, La Canada Flintridge, Burbank, Glendale, El Monte and Los Angeles. If you are residing in other Areas and would like to benefit from our services as well, kindly get in touch with our staff to check if we’re able to help you out as well. You can also find us on the web to contact us.


As mentioned previously, BIL Landscaping Pasadena CA offers a wide range of services to fit your garden’s every need. All the services including detailed information can be found in our main menu, ticking the box “Services”. As we would like to inform our customers the best way possible, we have created detailed information what is needed and why this might be needed for your garden. Understanding that not every garden is the same, we will make sure each program will be created to suit your garden’s specific needs. In case a service is not mentioned on our site you can always give us a call to check if we’re able to provide that service to you.

Our Landscaping Services

Differenties expertises are necessary when you want to do landscaping. Many different elements come to mind for a garden. Therefore we offer a lot of possible services needed to accomplish your needs for your garden. Our in-house professionals know what to do to perform to get your landscaping needs. Whichever service you need, we can do it for you. We serve a lot of different types of customers. Not only do we serve individuals, but we also provide our services to institutions like the corporate sector, schools, churches, and more. When it comes to designing, landscaping, or maintenance of a garden, don’t look further. Landscaping is what we do best.

A close-up of our landscape designer drawing a landscape design on paper.

Landscaping Design

We at BIL Landscaping  Pasadena love making great landscape designs that you will fall in love with. With rapid technological advancements in all physical sectors of our era, the possibilities for creating a magnificent perennial garden are endless. Whether you want a nice green law with different flower beds, a new garden terrace or green bushes surrounded by a fence to keep the stray out, we can do it all for you. Let our landscape designers with years of experience take care of your precious garden. We can design, construct and modify according to your needs. We are here to help!

A landscaper placing lawn turfs on a garden.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping consists of many types of services like planting flower beds, creating lawns, lawn mowing services, prune, making fences, foundation planting, water gardens etc. All these different services require different experts and we have all these types covered. Our team consists of professionals and experts who can cater to any kind of your landscaping requirements. In other words, anything remotely related to a garden, we can deliver. At BIL Landscaping Pasadena we take pride that we work your garden with care and efficiency. No matter how big or small a garden is. We work for every type of customer.

A landscaper is pruning a hedge with a hedge trimmer..

Landscaping Maintenance

You must be wondering about how to maintain your freshly landscaped garden. Worry not, we are here to help. With the passage of time your garden will need to be taken care of unless you want to it to turn into a mini jungle. Feel free to get in touch with our experts as they specialize in garden maintenance as well. They can provide you the best advice for your garden maintenance. Our team will also provide services for trimming and pruning, lawn mower, aeration, flowering plants, fertilizing, turfing, weeding, mulching and tile cleaning. We understand how much you care about your garden and we will not disappoint you.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Landscaper?

Choosing the right person for the right job that will live up to your expectations is not always a piece of cake. It is quite understandable that you would want to hire someone who could deliver what you desire, exactly how you desire it. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring us for landscaping.

  • We Give Professional Advice:
    With several years of experience in landscaping and with the exposure of different types of land, we are confident that we can provide the best possible care for your garden. As our team has worked on many kinds of landscapes and have always provided the best service and achieved the best results, we will give you the most suitable options for your garden that cater all your requirements. Before you hire us, we provide free professional advice so that maximum sustainability for your garden can be achieved along the with the required aesthetics. If you are not sure about how to do a landscape design for your home, worry not, our garden architects can assist you in designing your dream garden.


  • Expertise of Flora and Fauna:
    Here at BIL Landscaping Pasadena, we are well aware of the fact that not all plants last through all four seasons. Some plantings need pruning, some need heat while others just absorb a lot of water. Without guidance, you cannot grow the plants in the garden which can be frustrating. Considering Pasadena’s climate, we know exactly which plants to use in your garden to make sure you can enjoy your garden all year long. Our gardeners will set up a sustainable garden for you while taking into account all the aspects so that you don’t have to worry about a thing and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee or margarita in your garden.


  • Fast and Efficient:
    Our team possess several years of experience and is highly trained in this field. Due to these complimenting factors we deliver our services quickly and efficiently. May it be planting, trimming, maintaining or even designing and constructing from scratch, we can handle it with sheer professionalism without compromising even an ounce of quality standards. No matter how difficult or challenging your landscaping project may be, we will deliver the services and complete the project efficiently.

How much should landscaping cost?

When it comes to Landscaping costs, these costs will largely depend on multiple factors. First of all, you will need to know the size of the project. Once the size of your project has been verified, we will discuss which materials will need to be used.

Another factor to take into account are the types of plants that you want to incorporate in your garden design. Softscaping and Hardscaping materials can make a huge difference in the overall costs of your landscaping project.

Hardscaping and outdoor kitchen design for a garden in NE Pasadena.

Last but not least, you might want to do some of the work yourself, which can definitely make a difference in the overall project costs.

Our landscaping experts always recommend not to spend more than 10% of your home’s value to do a full landscaping renovation. Landscaping done right can help improve the value of your home. Additionally, landscaping can also increase the curb appeal of your house / property.


There is a large variety of materials than can be chosen when it comes to softscaping and hardscaping materials such as shrubs, patios, woodworks, trees etc. The range associated with these materials can make a significant difference in your total project spending. Feel free to contact our landscapers as we are happy to give advice to all of our customers.


If you are coming to the realization that your landscaping project is becoming too expensive, you can always lower the costs by taking-on some of the easy work yourself. Just be sure that you have everything thought through before your start working on it.


Since Landscaping is a very broad term that can vary with each project, it’s always good to get an indication of the average local labor cost. Prices can vary between the range of $5 to $20 per square foot. These prices will depend on what actually needs to be done to your landscape. If you are unsure about the possibilities or would like to win information just give BIL Landscaping Pasadena a call.


BIL Landscaping Pasadena can offer a landscaping price per hour as well as a landscaping price per acre.
These prices can differ and will depend on the condition of your land as well as the layout you wish to achieve. The materials used and the size of your landscaping project will be a factor as well.


If you wish to know more about our services and landscaping design just get in touch with our team by phone or contact us using our contact form. Our landscapers are happy to assist in creating or maintaining the garden of your dreams.

Size, Complexity, and Material

To estimate the price of landscape design, you must take into consideration the following three major factors:


– Material use

– Garden size

– Complexity


The price will be determined based on the vastness of the landscape design you want. Moreover, the amount you are willing to spend is a key factor in deciding the things your lawn can have. You can construct a garden design in numerous manners. Your garden can have varied attributes, including patio design, landscape lighting, and deck building.

You can make your garden more expensive with these properties. The reason behind it is the use of various materials. Since each client has distinct requirements and expectations, providing standard price for landscaping services is different each time.


Nonetheless, our team designs and builds landscapes with various distinct measurements: 120 square feet to more than 1500 square feet. Would you like to know more how much it costs to have your desired lawn? If yes, don’t worry! You just have to contact us to get a free estimation.


Our team will schedule a free appointment to assess your lawn accordingly. We would be glad to come and check your garden to plan what can be done.

A small-medium sized landscape design in Pasadena Poly, Pasadena finished during the summer.

Affordable Landscaping Services

Do you require an affordable landscaper and a one-stop landscaping company to meet your landscaping services? If yes, there’s no requirement to search any longer. We at BIL Landscaping Pasadena in California offer extraordinary garden services with fair pricing to be budget-friendly for all.


It is the reason that we don’t like using the term cheap landscaping. It is therefore useful to understand the distinction between cheap and fair prices. Have you heard the famous quote that the quality you get depends on the price you pay? At BIL Landscaping Pasadena CA we like to offer our clients high-quality landscaping services at pocket-friendly rates.

Our company believes that everyone should spend a peaceful time in their personal natural vicinity. When it comes to providing fair prices, you can completely rely on us. You can get a cost-free estimation by reaching out to us anytime.


Contacting us straight away is good to get a quick response. Are you looking to get affordable landscaping in Pasadena, CA? If yes, give a ring on 626-587-2703. We would love to design your dream garden.

What are the benefits of landscaping?

Natural creation is what attracts human beings. Moreover, surrounding ourselves with green nature proves to be exceptionally worthy when it comes to wellness. No matter what, your mood automatically uplifts when god’s creation surrounds you. There’s nothing better than trekking ranges, strolling in woods, or relaxing on a lush green lawn.


We at BIL Landscaping Pasadena CA ensure to provide the best landscaping solutions for the improvement of your green outdoor environment. To answer our customers’ question, “what are the main benefits of landscaping?” we give them three major factors. They include mental health, physical health, and economic benefits.

Landscaping benefits physical health

Are you aware that it’s a proven fact about landscaping having a beneficial impact on your physical health? Landscaping is beneficial for your health for the following three points:

Lower stress and lower blood pressure

Looking at natural scenery reduces the stress hormones (cortisol) and blood pressure. The same is proved by many distinct types of research and studies. You can suffer from weight gain, remembering or memory issues, and heart disease because of increased cortisol rates in your bodies.

Reduced inflammation and boost the immune system

Various studies have proved that spending more number of hours outdoors can result in reduced inflammation. Consequently, it will cure autoimmune disorders and irritable bowel syndrome too. Some researchers have also shown that the bodies of people who keep them surrounded by nature produce more anti-cancer proteins.


Furthermore, you can also improve your immune system if you spend more time outdoors. Your immune system lets you fight against germs and bacteria effectively. It makes your body less prone to having common problems like cough or fever.

Air quality

Having more trees and plants in your garden betters the air condition by releasing increased amounts of oxygen. Good air quality means fewer pollutants, dirt, and smog in the air. As a result, the air you breathe is fresh and pure.

Landscaping is good for the mind

Different researches have shown that taking a walk in natural spaces enhances your remembering power. It helps in dealing with memory loss or having a weak memory.


It has also been proved that working out in nature, such as parks or gardens, betters your health, self-confidence, and keeps you happy. Nature can also improve your focus level and creative minds just by observing it.

Landscaping benefits your wallet

There are economic benefits of landscaping as well. The reason behind it is that your property value is enhanced as a result of landscaping. Do you know about “curb appeal”? A curb appeal is an enticement your house creates in the viewers when they see it from a distance.


It has a positive impact on the people who are interested in buying your house. They can pay you a high price if it appeals to them. Studies have proved that a house with good landscaping is 6-13% more valuable than the one that lacks landscaping. Another research states the value percentage of as high as 20-25%.


Landscaping can also help you to cut down on your energy bills. A study done by Cornell University revealed that a properly structured landscape decreased the heating and air conditioning costs from 10 to 30%. You can also get Lower water bills by planting trees needing minimum watering requirements. Our company views landscaping as a lifestyle. It definitely improves the lifestyle that you are living in.


This is the reason BIL Landscaping Pasadena is determined to bring quality landscaping into your surroundings, including homes, commercial, and municipal properties.


Are you also intrigued to take landscaping services for your environment? You can also reach out to us to get other home care support. So, get in touch with our company at the earliest. Contact us at 626-587-2703!

Why Choose Us?

Tight Plan

We take all landscaping work as a project. And every project, if handled professionally, needs planning. We plan all our projects with utmost care and include all your demands. Consultation with the client is key in all our projects. We plan our projects keeping in mind our client’s demands and requirements and discuss thoroughly with the client. As experienced professionals we never compromise on the quality of our work which is evident from our delivered services and completed projects.

Delivery and Check

We tend to be as excited as our clients on the delivery date. After our work has been completed one our project managers will agree to a delivery date. The objective behind it is to go through the completed landscaping work together and to make sure that the client is completely satisfied and all the demands and requirements have been met and fulfilled.

Dexterous, Skillful and Considerate

While working on your garden you might experience some inconvenience. Landscaping projects have earthworks, garden disposal and machine sounds. We try our level best to keep the work noise and the mess of working in the garden to the minimum. Rest assured we work will extremely care and skill and always cleanup the mess created during our project. You will always find your garden neat and tidy after our work is done every day during the project. We will keep in the loop about everyday tasks that we will be doing so that minimum inconvenience is caused.

Happy Customers

We always love to hear people that are happy about our service. Below are a few examples.

" We're in love with our new garden! They went above and beyond for us, and it really shows in the end result! Our friends were the ones that recommended them. We are very happy that we decided to choose them. They are polite, friendly, and professional. Great people! "
- 5 stars
David Iverson
Pasadena, CA
" I would highly recommend them to friends and family! They were happy to do the extra effort to make sure everything was taken care of. They even gave us great tips on landscaping maintenance to save money. "
- 5 stars
Catherine Fleetwood
Pasadena, CA

Feel Free to Contact Us!

Whatever landscaping job you have, let us know. We promise to deliver your dream garden efficiently and professionally. Feel free to give us a call or make an appointment. We are here to assist you any way possible. You can request a free quote or call us for landscaping advice. We hope to see you soon! 

Overview of Our Landscaping Services

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